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Abigail (Abi) Lightner

Starting Something New

My entire life, I had been told that art was not a marketable skill, it was a hobby and nothing more. That was what I believed because the successful adults in my life told me so, even though art was my deepest passion, the only thing I wanted to do. Partially out of passion, partially out of curiosity, I steered my attention away from art as a career and more towards writing.

Now, my passion for art has returned tenfold, and thanks to a remote internship for social media for the House of Ruth in Maryland, I know my art can take me places. I have been developing my skills in digital art for the past several years in my spare time, and the journey has been incredible. My love of writing goes hand in hand with my love of art, causing my love of character design.

My strengths lie in digital portraiture, character design, and storytelling through the art itself. I practice everyday, and am willing to learn anything presented to me. With experience in Photoshop, Clip Studio Paint and a handful of free art programs, I have a solid and forever growing understanding of digital art. Any challenge with art placed before me I will take head on and overcome, I don't give up, and I never will. 

If you wish to commission me, seek out my Instagram @abi_lightner_art or email me at 

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